The Morphographemic Changes of Normal Students’ Sundanese-Language Handwritten Words in Pasirluhur Elementary School Bandung: Deletion, Metathesis, and Substitution

Meiyanti Nurchaerani, Ria Nirwana, Syahiid Hidayatullah Rizkyka Hartadhi


Sundanese language is one of Indonesian local languages that is usually used by Sundanese ethnic and/or by other ethnic speakers. Sundanese people acquire it as their first language. The research is about the morphographemic changes of normal students’ Sundanese-language handwritten words in Pasirluhur Elementary School Bandung: deletion, metathesis, and substitution. The research used descriptive-qualitative method. The aims of the research were to find the morphographemic change that was rarely found and the most frequently occurred. The result showed that metathesis is the one and only of morphographemic changes that was rarely found, while deletion and substitution were the most frequently occurred.

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